We offer convenient financing options for homeowners looking to make energy-efficient upgrades to the home more affordably with different benefits including:

  • Low-Interest Rates – Our lenders offer low-interest rates to homeowners regardless of their credit score to help them afford energy-efficient home upgrades.
  • Pay After Installation– We provide homeowners with 100% guaranteed satisfaction by offering no payments until the project installation is completed.
  • No Credit Required– We believe your home improvement project should not be based on past endeavors that is why our lenders will not run your credit or qualify you based on credit score.

Free Installation Limited Time Only!

What is Renew Financial?

Renew Financial was founded with the purpose to provide affordable financing for renewable energy and energy-efficient home improvements to help America move closer toward a clean energy model. Renew Financial is an additional provider of the Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program that offers a fast approval process, and flexible payment terms, and is also paid back overtime through your property taxes. By Choosing Renew Financial you can expect lower energy consumption, an increase in home value, no upfront fees, no FICO requirements, and fixed, competitive rates. Renew Financial provides Florida homeowners with same-day approval, quality contractors, and no credit score impact.   

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