Energy Star Appliances Can Save You Money

Over recent years it has been observed that electrical appliances can account for over 30% of the electricity charges received on a monthly or annual basis. Many companies manufacturing home appliances, including the government, are inclined towards a focus on saving energy as much as possible, resulting in a heavy interest in energy-efficient appliances.

These appliances include all major electric items such as refrigerators, heaters, air-cooling systems, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, and other electrical appliances that consume much power.

Why is Energy Efficiency needed?

Some people may be comfortable with their big monthly electric bills, however, there is a way by which you can save a tremendous amount – of money spent on your utility bills. The goal at the end of the day is energy efficiency.

According to surveys, it has been noted that many people have shifted their focus on energy saving to save money and reduce their carbon emissions.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star home appliances are a well-known brand in the USA certified by the Department of Energy. They are trying really hard to make an impact in the world by producing energy-efficient appliances that are legitimately a massive need in today’s world.

A good thing about energy star appliances is that a typical electrical appliance lasts up to 15 to 20 years. An Energy Star appliance will save about 50 percent of your energy usage yearly. Compare that to a non-efficient energy appliance.

Compared to non-energy efficient appliances, Energy Star energy-saving appliances are an investment of a lifetime. They will control your utility bills, keeping in mind that electricity is getting more expensive every year.


Clothes dryers are the most electricity-consuming appliances. Almost every middle-income household has a clothes dryer because it makes doing laundry very easy. According to a study by NRDC, a clothes dryer consumes the same amount of electricity as an energy-efficient fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine combined each year, and if, in case you have an old model, that number could double or triple.

Washing Machines

If we compare an energy-efficient washing machine with an energy-efficient dryer, the electricity savings can be surprisingly substantial. Plus, you will save a good amount on your water bill.

Energy Star washing machines consume much less energy than standard washing machines.


The most needed electric appliance of every single household is a refrigerator. Electric companies have been trying to equip refrigerators with the latest technology for decades. This means that people still using their old refrigerators, due to their strong family bond with the appliance, must know that they are another member of the most energy-hungry appliance of all time.

Energy Star refrigerators consume up to 45 to 50% less energy than the standard ones. Watch out for fridges that were produced in 2001 or earlier.

To summarize, Energy Star-certified appliances are more energy-efficient and energy-saving than standard appliances.

It’s a fact that equals money back in your pocket that these appliances will save a lot of money that, otherwise, gets spent on that monthly utility bill.

You are going to get surprised once you shift yourself towards Energy Star energy-saving appliances.

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