SunBelt’s Gorgeous French Doors


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An Elegant Touch to Your Home

French Doors by SunBelt Home Solutions

French doors offer an elegant touch without being too extravagant – they are perfect if you want an elegant look without spending too much money on an expensive design feature.

French Doors

What, Exactly, is a French Door?

A French door is a style of door comprised of two sections. They are hinged and mounted on opposite sides of the door frame. These doors open and close in the center. The doors boast beautiful large, often full-sized glass panes. This might be a single pane of glass or individual panes framed within muntins. [Muntins are dividers that separate glass panes in a window or door.]

French doors are unique because the entire doorway becomes an open space when both doors are swung open. Plus, there is no center post.

The design of a French door, with its large glass area, provides a tremendous amount of natural light into the room.

Unlike sliding patio doors, French doors might open to a balcony. Even so, the lovely, symmetrical wide opening a French door creates makes this type of doorway ideal for a patio or porch.

French doors are often used in interior home design as an interior passage. The light and visibility are ideal compared to a solid door.

These doors provide that “French country style,” which is a delightful addition to any home.

SunBelt’s design team can help you select a perfect French door configuration for your home.

You can CALL NOW and have one of our trained representatives swing by your home to meet with you and help you choose an elegant, secure, and affordable solution.

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SunBelt is renowned for installing entry, sliding glass, and French doors that protect your family from intruders and in severe weather. The elegant designs beautify your home. Plus, SunBelt’s door products are going to outlast conventional doors.

Some of the additional benefits of SunBelt Home Solutions’ doors include:

UV Inhibitors– Helps resist yellowing or fading.

Risk-free protection elements – Eliminates the risk of rot or wood-ingesting insects with a durable composite material that is virtually maintenance-free, rot-free, and does not absorb moisture to resist mold, mildew, and fungus.

Wood Grain – Complements a wide range of grain specifies that are stain or paint-ready

Weatherstrip Option – Select white smooth composite jambs and mullions, pre-machined for hinges and locked, with a convenient pre-inserted weatherstrip option.

Install Ready – No sanding or priming is required.

Why Choose Us?

French doors offer multifunctionality, including bringing in natural light, enhancing your home aesthetic, reducing energy costs, increasing security, and expanding your entertainment space for fun summer activities.

Here at Sunbelt Home Solutions, we provide homeowners across Florida’s West Coast – including Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, and more – with impact-resistant French doors that are custom-designed for a perfect, elegant fit to your home.

We’ll help you choose from various styles, color options, woodgrains, transom windows, knobs, sidelights, and more. French doors assist in making a graceful statement to your entryway, welcoming family, friends, and guests into your Florida home. Offering long-lasting durability, extra security, and enhanced energy efficiency, our French doors provide many viewing possibilities and add additional architectural elements to complement curb appeal.

You’ll also enjoy the added value to your home.

Low Maintenance – Our door frames are easy to clean and will not rust or deteriorate, keeping their appearance yearly.

Energy Efficient – Our entryway doors are designed to reflect infrared heat away from your home, keeping your Florida home cooler all year round.

Fast Installation – The installation process of our entryway doors could take about 1-2 days, depending on the number of doors installed.

No matter which style you choose, you can be sure that your new entry doors will provide superior energy efficiency, reduce exterior noises, and last you a lifetime.


Convenient financing options help Florida homeowners make energy-efficient home upgrades more affordably.


  • Impact-resistant French doors offer long-lasting durability, extra security, and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Best-in-Class Exterior Doors
  • Our French doors contain composite rails that protect your door at the top and bottom edges to help block moisture that can wick into standard doors. These fiberglass doors offer low maintenance and help bring home years of durability to your Florida home.
  • When upgrading to French doors, you will be confident your doors will not warp or rust.
  • On top of that, our French doors contain superior insulating materials that will resist heat flow, creating additional energy savings for your Florida home.

Additional components of our French doors include:

  • Protection against severe weather

  • Lower energy costs

  • Increase comfortability