Easy Day-to-Day Things You Can do to Save Energy

Easy Day-to-Day Things You Can do to Save Energy

Saving energy is something that almost everyone is focusing on. Whether at home, work, or big industrial grounds, new measures are being implemented to save as much energy as possible. One can do many things at home to try and save energy. A small change in lifestyle and a change in habits can go a long way.

Here are some of the easiest things someone can do at home that will help them save energy and preserve the environment and the world with it. Note that these are not the only methods; it is only limited to one’s creativity. These are just some ideas and conventions that work well.

Switch to LED bulbs

Yes, friends’, switching to LED bulbs from filament or fluorescent lights is the best and most efficient thing you can do right now to save energy. A simple LED bulb consumes about 10 watts of power, whereas a filament bulb consumes 4 – 6 times that amount.

Purchasing energy-efficient electronics/appliances

Many companies like Samsung, LG, Gree have come up with many solutions to save energy at home. They all may have different branding names, but they all serve one common purpose, i.e., Eco-friendly and energy-efficient certified products. These appliances regulate their consumption and use algorithms to reduce the draw of energy. 

Don’t leave the taps open. 

Water is a valuable resource that many take for granted. Everyone should adopt the habit of spending not more than 10 minutes in a shower. They should close the taps when brushing teeth or shaving, or any other activities and should only open them when they need them. Never let the tap run aimlessly. 

Switch to portable devices

This one might not apply to everyone, but for the average user, it is an effective measure. If you own a desktop, try using a laptop or an ultrabook. Desktop PCs consume huge amounts of energy. Using rechargeable laptops can help you save a ton of energy since they last for hours on a single low-consumption charge.

Turn unwanted lights off.

Everyone should make this a habit. When leaving a room you know won’t be returning for a while, turn its lights off. Unnecessary lights should not be left turned on. One or two might not make a difference, but when the whole house is lit, there’s a problem.

Don’t abuse the dishwasher.

Your dishwasher consumes a hefty amount of energy to warm the water it uses to wash all your dishes. Instead of relying on the dishwasher to wash everything, it is advisable to clean dishes using a bucket of water and a sponge by hand. This allows you to reuse the water without having to waste much. You’ll save energy and water like hitting two birds with one stone.  

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Bonus: When going out, try to use public transport more often and make a habit of it. 



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