Five Great Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

Sep 04, 2022

5 Tips to save your energy bills

In today’s modern world, we are all aware of what higher energy bills can do to your monthly budgets and what a pain it is to compromise on your plans due to unexpected expenditures.

So worry no more; we have five smart tips that can help you save some money on your utility bills and can help you save electricity, and reduce your carbon footprint by making your home an energy-efficient home.

Use your thermostat effectively

Reducing your thermostat to just 1 degree centigrade can cut your heating bills by up to $120 a year in a typical 4-bedroom apartment, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

If you don’t have a room thermostat, programmer, and thermostatic radiator valves, get them installed at your home as soon as possible because using them well could make your home an energy-efficient home and help reduce your carbon emissions by almost 300kg annually.

Replace light bulbs

Gone are the days when people used to decorate their houses with flashy bulbs and glittering, colorful lights. Nowadays, people are more concerned about how to save money as much as possible, and replacing your light bulbs with LED light bulbs can be a fruitful decision.

Energy-saving light bulbs, typically called known as LED light bulbs, would cost you $2 a year to run, and in their lifetime, they can help you cut you’re your energy bills by up to $220 compared to an old-style bulb.

Installing LEDs in your home can be a smart decision for everyone as they are the most energy-efficient lights, utilizing almost 90% less energy than a traditional incandescent.

Opt for energy-efficient appliances

Yes, it is true!

Trade in, donate, or get rid of your typical electric appliances, which seem fancy but are draining your hard-earned money in just a flick, and get yourself energy-efficient appliances that you will surely be thankful for throughout your lifetime.

The question is, which electronic appliance should be removed?

Washing machines, refrigerators, iron, etc., these appliances consume a lot of power, which should be replaced instantly. Look out for inverter-based appliances which run on low power and work fine, just like a normal refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

Home insulation

Insulating your home can save up to $350 a year.

You can lay loft insulation to a thickness of 250mm in a typical 4-bedroom apartment, resulting in a $180 decrease in your utility bills due to the lack of lost heat through your roof.

Insulation of cavity walls can trim $200 a year, and on the other hand, solid wall insulation, expensive of them all, can save you almost $350 in the same four-bedroom home.

Keep your energy bills under control.

Last but not least, keeping your energy bills under control is always a better option when you pay your bills, and keeping a check on the previous bill will help you to be careful of the extra fans that are being used in your home.

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