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COOLWALL Exterior Coatings

We serve homeowners across Florida’s West Coast – including Fort Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St Petersburg, and more – with permanent exterior coatings. These coatings are designed for homeowners that are tired of their traditional exterior paint chipping, flaking, or growing mildew. COOLWALL is intended to resist chipping, flaking, and mildew growth while being eco-friendly for your home. Florida homeowners can expect their home to be cooler year round when upgrading to COOLWALL permanent exterior coatings.

Hurricane Impact Windows

Designed with durability in mind, our hurricane impact windows are guaranteed to withstand heavy rain, intense winds, and high-velocity debris without breaking. Backed by our lifetime warranty, our hurricane windows will help you feel confident and protected when upgrading. Our hurricane impact windows provide low maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and fast, easy installation. No matter what style you choose you can be sure that your new windows will last you a lifetime.

Exterior Entry Doors

Entry doors Florida homeowners can trust. We are proud to offer hurricane impact entry doors designed to take on the sometimes harsh Florida weather. Our entry doors are completely customizable making them unique for your Florida home. The frameworks of our impact doors protect your Florida home from costly damage and deterioration by creating a tight seal against drafts and leaks. Whether you are looking to upgrade your front or patio door, you can expect your Florida home to be protected year after year.

Shower and Tub Replacements

Here at Sunbelt Home Solutions, we provide bathroom replacements and conversions that are high-quality, durable, and customizable. We believe homeowners should be protected from the mold and mildew growth that Florida’s humid climate can provide. That is why our shower and tubs are made with nonporous acrylic materials that are designed to resist mold and mildew growth. After upgrading your bathroom you can trust it provides low maintenance, is water-tight, and made of durable materials that are meant to last a lifetime.


Here at Sunbelt Home Solutions, we proudly serve homeowners across Florida’s West Coast – including Fort Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and more – with Energy Star® certified home improvements.  Backed by our lifetime warranty, we guarantee your new home improvements will last you a lifetime. To learn more about having durable, energy-efficient home improvements installed at your Florida home, contact Sunbelt Home Solutions today!