SunBelt Home Solutions Patio & Garage Enclosures

SunBelt Garage Slider System

Garage Enclosures

Add an extra room when you need it. Heavy-duty threshold for years of trouble-free service. Plus, our exclusive 1” roller adds ease of operation and dependability.
SunBelt Horizontal Slider System

Glass Pane Sliders

GLASS PANE sliding panels introduce yet another great way to create a beautiful enclosed area for your home. Enjoy your porch enclosure the way you have always imagined, in beautiful natural light.
SunBelt Horizontal Slider System

Glass Pane Sliders

Convert your existing porch, gazebo, deck, pool enclosure or unused outdoor space into a versatile enclosed area with our top of the line SunBelt VINYL PANE sliding panels. VINYL PANE windows are an innovative alternative to glass.
  • Available in many different panel options

  • Slide all of the panels to the left or right for a nice cool breeze or shut the panels entirely for protection from the outside elements

  • Choose a thicker screen for added privacy

  • Superior Construction

  • Works with existing garage doors

  • Removable sliding vents

  • Integrated wood grain kick plate

  • Available in Screen, Vinyl or Acrylic (Call SunBelt for size availability on vinyl)

  • Stainless steel screws provide long-lasting durability

  • Durable fiberglass screens

  • Our exclusive 1″ neoprene rollers assure easy operation, reducing snag and drag

  • Reinforced threshhold sills with additional legs for added strength, hold up to the heaviest of vehicles

  • Lightweight horizontal sliding panels can be moved to the left to right, effortlessly, to ventilate up to 50% of the screened area

  • Vents can be removes for total ventilation

  • Insulated or Single Glazed Glass

  • Available as a 2P-3T Multi-Vent Sliding Door

  • Lightweight Multi-Track horizontal sliding panels can be moved left or right effortlessly in any direction making it the perfect pool and patio enclosure.

  • Vents can be removed allowing total screen room ventilation.

  • Can expand to 288” wide

  • All panels can move

  • No screens available

  • Maximum of 8 panels and 4 tracks

  • Series 5250 offers 2 sliding panels, Series 5500 offers multi-panel option


  • Multi-Vent 2-8 Panels

  • All Panels Slide

SunBelt Vinyl Pane Slider System

Vertical Slider

Convert your existing porch, gazebo, deck, pool enclosure, or unused outdoor space into a versatile enclosed area with our top-of-the-line SunBelt VINYL PANE sliding panels. An innovative alternative to glass at a fraction of the cost.
SunBelt Aluminum Non-Impact

Vinyl Pane Sliders

DURABLE BEYOND BELIEF: If the vinyl is stretched or dented it will return to its original shape in minutes. It is ideal if living near a golf course or in an area where children play.
SunBelt Durable Patio Doors

Prime Door

SunBelt proudly presents its premier line of prime doors. Designed to complement any style home, These doors come in a wide variety of configurations. Built for greater performance.
  • Turn Your Porch Into a Private Getaway

  • Lightweight, vertical sliding panels can be raised or lowered effortlessly to ventilate up to 75% of the screened area with maximum versatility. (Push all of the panels to the top or all of the panels to the bottom)

  • Easy removable sliding panel tension spring system ensures smooth operation.

    Add a Prime Door with a 4-track system for design consistency.

  • Lightweight, horizontal sliding panels can be moved to the left or right for 50% ventilation.

  • Vents can be removed for total ventilation.

  • Designed to provide easy cleaning from inside.

  • Vertical latch locks windows closed

  • Available in 2-Track or 4-Track

  • Powder coated aluminum frames

  • Heavy, extruded and insulated frames are a durable 2” x 4”

  • Extruded foam-filled T-slot seal on Z-bar creates the best possible inner seal

  • Hinging is provided by way of four stainless steel tamper-proof hinges with brass bushings attached with stainless steel rivets

  • Extruded heavy corner key prevents door sag

  • Flush mounted single hung windows and mitered corners present a cleaner appearance

  • Applicable styles offer embossed kick-panels both inside and out

  • Outswing version only for leak protection

  • Optimum security is provided through the upgraded lever lockset and deadbolt


  • 4-Track Inserts

  • SH Inserts

  • Fixed Panel Inserts

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