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CoolWall® 10-Step

Complete Application Process

CoolWall is an energy-saving exterior coating technology that lowers your home’s wall temperatures by more than 40º. Plus, Once installed, you’ll never repaint your home. INCLUDES: Lifetime Manufacturer’s Material Warranty.

STEP 1: Inspection

  • SunBelt’s Installation Team does a complete inspection of your home’s exterior to determine restoration needs.

Identifying Problem Areas

  • Chipping, flaking, peeling, step cracking, stucco damage, and wood rot are identified for repair by our trained techniians.

STEP 2: Trenching

  • SunBelt digs a perimeter around the home before applying primer and CoolWall below surface level to inhibit ground moisture
  • This essential preparation step helps eliminate costly repairs from decay at your home’s foundation

STEP 3: Pressure Washing

  • Removes dirt, loose paint, and foreign substances
  • Reveals cracks and areas in need of repair
  • Provides a clean surface for bonding of substance

STEP 4: Repair & Patch

  • Most Florida homes are built with blocks that deteriorate over time
  • Deteriorated areas are prepared, caulked, and patched, including caulking around doors, windows, flashings, and other areas of water penetration

STEP 5: Mask & Shield

  • All doors, shrubs, trim, windows, and lawn areas protected
  • All other surfaces not to be coated are carefully covered

STEP 6: Application of Special Primer

  • Helps to create a thick, armor-like surface that protects block, stucco, masonry, or wood surface from water damage

STEP 7: Inspection

  • After the factory primer application is applied, the entire house is carefully inspected
  • SunBelt assures uniform readiness for a great appearance

STEP 8: Finish

  • The final coat is sprayed on thick using heavy-duty equipment
  • Permanent bond with primer for optimal adhesion

STEP 9: Trim Cote™

  • Loose paint is scraped and sanded
  • Provides the most consistent surface possible
  • Available in satin and semi-gloss finishes

STEP 10: Clean & Inspect

  • Masking is Removed
  • All surfaces are carefully inspected for proper thickness and uniform appearance
  • Your home is beautiful, well-protected, and warranted for life!

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • SunBelt Home Solutions is an authorized Tex•Cote Platinum Dealer
  • Your new CoolWall exterior includes a limited lifetime warranty and a five-year SunBelt labor warranty

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